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About Mosaic Salon

We are an upscale old-world salon that offers today’s family a haven where they can sit back, relax and experience the outstanding art of grooming in a friendly atmosphere. The stylists at Mosaic Salon have a passion for life and all of the small pieces along the way that add to its vast beauty. We want this theme to overflow into our salon and our love for great hair. We believe the skills we offer our clients allow us to be a piece of their own individual beauty.

Mo·sa·ic /mōˈzā-ik/
arranging small pieces of material together to produce a piece of art.

Established in January 2013, Mosaic is much more than your typical salon. The atmosphere is filled with vintage decor, great music, and the staff immediately becomes like family. Stop in or schedule an appointment with some of the best hair stylists in Northwest Ohio. While you’re here, make yourself at home by the fireplace. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and join in all the conversation.